Roscamat®USA tapping arms carry a full one year warranty of the machine against manufacturer defects. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by overloads, improper use and handling, and using the machine for anything other than its intended use as a tapping machine. Our warranty covers labor and parts during the one year period.

Safety Warning

Roscamat®USA products are engineered and manufactured with safety in mind. The heat treat specifications exceed or meet all standards. All of the products manufactured by Roscamat®USA are designed to perform without any undue safety issues when caution, common sense and proper safety practices are followed. The use of cutting tools and toolholders is safe when proper application and protection guidelines are observed. Even when these proper precautions are taken, it is possible that fragments of a cutting tool, cutting material, or holding device may be thrown at a very high rate of speed and have potential to cause severe bodily harm. It is imperative that general safety precautions and safety glasses be used at all times.